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Hi! We are Neal and Matina. We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us better. Before we tell you about ourselves, we want to thank you for making the brave and loving decision to create an adoption plan for your child and give him/her the best life possible. We admire your courage and we are praying for both you and your baby.

We first met each other in a church youth group in 2006. We shared many common interests and enjoyed each other’s company. We spent a lot of time together, hiking and volunteering at a local summer camp, and we shared a strong faith in God. We were married in 2008, and we have loved each other deeply ever since!

We both love children and have wished for them, but issues of infertility made it impossible for us to have biological children. We began to feel strongly that God wanted us to build our family through adoption. 

Our exciting and wonderful adventure of parenthood began in 2018 when our son, James, joined our family! James has been such a blessing to our family, and we can’t wait to adopt again. We believe James and his future sibling will provide each other with companionship and develop a special bond because of their shared adoption experience.

Ever since I met Matina, I have appreciated her generous love, humor, and wide-ranging interests. She is selfless in her devotion to James and me. Matina is a compassionate, deeply caring mother and wife who puts others' needs before her own. She is also quick to reach out to people beyond our family. She often invites children from the neighborhood into our home for costume parties and story hours, and she has spent numerous hours working in daycare and babysitting the kids of our friends and relations. Matina loves laughter and jokes and works hard to make each person she meets feel appreciated and special.  


In college, Matina studied art and graphic design. She now works as a high school teacher, sharing these skills with her students. She especially enjoys painting and photography, and her beautiful drawings and pictures decorate our home. When Matina is not in her studio, she is cooking in the kitchen. Matina is a fantastic chef! Drawing on her Italian heritage, she makes her own pasta and tomato sauce and uses them to create mouthwatering lasagna and ravioli! Matina also loves to make delicious soups and salads with the vegetables grown in our neighborhood garden. 

The first time I noticed Neal, he was reading an exciting story to a group of children at summer camp. I thought to myself, “Someday, I would like to marry someone who can read stories like that!” Two years later, my dream came true. One of the things I enjoy most about Neal is his enthusiasm and vivacious attitude toward life. Everything is fun with Neal. He has a goofy sense of humor, is quick to laugh, and always encourages people with a cheerful greeting or positive word.


Neal earned his master’s degree in science education and has spent many years as a schoolteacher and summer camp instructor. He loves engaging his students in projects and activities, and they enjoy his fun-loving, energetic approach to education. Neal is very knowledgeable about the natural world, and children often bring him rocks, bugs, and plants to identify. Beyond the classroom, Neal is an accomplished musician and an avid gardener who takes pride in keeping the trees and bushes around the neighborhood looking beautiful. Most importantly, Neal is a dedicated husband and an outstanding father to James. He loves both of us deeply, is always there for us, and works hard to make our home a peaceful, happy place.

In 2018, we started our adoption journey. Within a few months of waiting, we received a call that we had been matched! It wasn’t long before we were driving to West Virginia to meet our son and his birth family. That day was the most wonderful day of our lives! We were blessed to spend time with both James’ birth mother and birth father. It was a special time that we will cherish forever and share with our son.


James is an outgoing two-year-old who is affectionate and talkative! He loves good food, especially jellybeans and chocolate cake. He enjoys listening to stories, bouncing on the bed, and doing finger games with Matina. Whenever we go outdoors, James wants to be part of the action — helping to water the garden, throwing a ball to the neighbor’s dog, or riding a tricycle with his friends. Like us, he is looking forward to welcoming a new baby into our family. Whenever we ask him if he wants to be a big brother, he grins and shouts, “YEAH!” 


We regularly send photos and written updates to James’ birth parents. It is our hope and prayer they feel peace in seeing how much James is loved. We deeply admire them and we know it was out of selfless love that they made their choice to place James with us. 

We live in a spacious apartment in a beautiful suburban neighborhood. Our home is located an hour north of New York City. This allows us to visit the city easily and enjoy its cultural diversity while raising our family in a quieter, rural environment. Our apartment building has many young families, large indoor play areas, and a safe rooftop deck where children and their families can fellowship and enjoy the sunshine. We are close friends with our neighbors and we often get together for potlucks, barbecues, and birthday parties. 


Our apartment building is surrounded by beautiful parkland and wooded areas that have many safe walking trails and playgrounds. We enjoy the outdoor swimming pool just down the street, and the ball fields for larger sporting events. One of our favorite spots is a nearby riverfront park, which provides endless opportunities for boating, fishing, and picnics. James’s daycare is within walking distance of our apartment and is staffed by loving, caring members of our church. Behind the daycare is a shady yard area with a sandbox, swing, and many other fun activities for children.

We are blessed to have large extended families who enjoy spending time with each other! Matina’s parents live just down the street and often come to our house to visit, cook, and spend quality grandparent time with James. Matina’s brother and his family also live in town, and they like to join us for fishing and hiking expeditions. 


Although Neal’s parents live further away, they still come to visit whenever they can. They are full of laughter and fun, and they always bring treats and surprises for James. Neal’s dad gives the best bear hugs, and his mom is a great storyteller! We also enjoy spending time with Neal’s oldest brother and his family, who live close by. The cousins enjoy playing in the yard together and taking rides on the little lawn tractor.


Beyond our immediate relations, we have strong friendships with many people in our neighborhood and church. After work, we always drop by each other’s homes to share a snack, sing folk songs, or play games with the kids. Each one of our friends and relatives cares about us deeply. They are so excited to help us welcome another child into our family!

Spending time as a family is very important to us! We gather around the table for our meals, and we like to make music, play outdoors, and work in our garden together. James especially enjoys taking walks to the neighborhood barn to see the animals and feed the horses. We also love preparing and sharing food. A favorite tradition is making “antipasto,” an informal meal of Italian dishes that we serve to the neighbors in our apartment building.


Holidays are special times of the year to celebrate with our family and friends. At Christmas, we have fun decorating our own fir tree, exchanging gifts, and sharing a candlelight dinner. At Easter time, we decorate our home for spring and participate in the local Easter egg hunt. The Fourth of July is always a great time for a picnic and fireworks!  


Whether taking students on a field trip or going on a family camping trip or vacation, we love to travel and see the wider world. A few of our favorite camping places are the beach, the Adirondack Mountains, and the Hudson River. Further afield, we have enjoyed visiting Yellowstone National Park, Niagara Falls, Florida, and even the rain forests in South America! 

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and getting to know our family better. As you consider the possibility of adoption, we truly appreciate the selfless sacrifices you are willing to make to give your child a happy, fulfilled life. Please know that we would be so excited and honored to welcome your baby into our hearts and welcome you as a very special member of our family. Your child will grow up hearing about you and the great love you have for them.


Both of us grew up in wonderfully loving, caring environments. Our parents taught us to value empathy and kindness and to keep an open mind. We want to give your child the same kind of affection and to pass on the same values. We promise to love him/her unconditionally and provide a home full of love, laughter, and adventure. 


All the best and God Bless,

Neal and Matina